Come work with us

As a growing independent game company, we’re focused on delivering the best in video game entertainment.
With an exceptional team that focuses on high production value games, and tools with worldwide recognition, we are looking for candidates to join our flexible, remote work environment.


– Fully Remote.
– Full time custom hours, we’re focused on delivery rather than forcing you to be glued to your screen.
– Work with a team of experts that are currently driving technology for development in games.
– As a growing company, we appreciate the feedback and experience of every member.
– Unbiased selection, we welcome people from all around the world and make sure we have a healthy work environment for all of our employees.


Who we are:

A team of independent developers from Chile, passionate about becoming notorious for developing the best tools and games in Latin America.
– Developers of PaperZD, the “essential” 2D plugin for UE4, currently in use on worldwide renowned projects.
– Actively developing new technologies for 2D and UE4, being the authors of official engine changes on 4.24 and 4.25.
– Winners of “Mega Grants” by Epic Games for the project “Lost Fragments”, a badge of honor that shows the quality level that we strive for.