Critical Failure Studio

Roll the dice!
How many times while you play, the 1 on the dice predict a turn of events that you did’nt expect?
As roleplayers and gamers, we find the Critical Failure the most important source of memorable and unique experiences. The importance of that on the great stories moves us to create videogames with the spark of the unexpected.


We seek to create videogames full of mistery and essence, for those who want to enjoy the attention to detail in art, design and technology.


We create solutions for 2D development on Unreal Engine 4, helping the community to build their dream games.

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Our Team

Carlos Ibañez

Coffee enthusiast / Full time programmer. Weirdly good at sharpening knifes

Ninoska Vásquez Gaete

Art Director / Cat Lover / Multitasking Expert. Don’t play fighting videogames with her.

Cristobal Robles

Left Brain Animator / D&D Maniac. Always has a weird youtube video to share.

Diego Villafaña

Artist / Animator / Colorist / Team’s secretary-pet. Loves everything you show to him.