Lost Forest

Beneath the roots of a dense forest lie the remains of an old kingdom, doomed by the very flora above it.
For long ago its people were drained of their memories, left to live as mindless Damned wandering amongst the trees.
Now, already lacking recollection of how they got there, a Magician awakes within the forest’s groves.
Help him escape before more of his memories are stolen by the wretched beasts. Will you suffer the same fate as these dark creatures, or escape and bring an end to the Lost Forest?


♣ Tension and suspense guide pacing

♣ Slick platforming and movement

♣ Ability and motion-driven puzzles

♣ Disempowerment to avoid combat

♣ Unlock abilities (Resonant Memories)

♣ Search for Memories and new paths


Follow the path to uncover the Truth

♣ Lore items encourage exploration

♣ Each biome tells its own story

♣ Environmental storytelling

♣ Non-linear progression