Lost Forest

Stranded in a dark world, you have to break through the Forest using your cleverness, protecting your memories from the Damned to avoid be consumed by oblivion

Lost Forest is a 2D platform videogame, full of suspense, dark enemies and deadly puzzles, in an enchanted world where memories are the key to resolve the misteries.
Be careful in the Forest, powerful creatures are seeking for you in every corner, hunting in the shadows for the light you cast…


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The Magician

On his journey to rediscover himself, he must face his own memories and those of the other souls that crossed the Forest


Use your wits to get out of situations where the forest tries to consume you


La naturaleza salvaje y errática de los Damned hace que cada enfrentamiento sea único y de peligro mortal


Handmade art, inspired by fairy tales with a dark and mysterious touch