A complete solution for bringing “Animation State Machine” and “Animation Notifies” to Paper2d on Unreal Engine 4

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What is PaperZD?

ZetaD is response to Paper2D lack of animation support, allowing users to create their own AnimBP just as on 3D and be able to use them to drive the animation states or events in a easy and visual way. With this the job of connecting your animations will be much easier to achieve.


A character that inherits from Paper2D and automatically manages the animation instance and notifies.


The class that is constructed via the AnimBP and will be used by the character to drive the animation and notifies.


A fully functional blueprint class that allows the user to manage their own state machine, create transition rules and assign notifies to each state, will be compiled into a runtime class that can be used by the character (inherits from PaperZDAnimInstance)

The plugin also comes with special notifies, called PaperZDAnimNotify and PaperZDAnimNotifyState, they work just as their 3D counterpart and have the following properties:

Can be derived via Blueprint
Can be derived natively, creating native notifies.
Allow the user to create “CustomNotifies” that are implemented by the PaperZDAnimBP, creating a special function that the user can complete. This way the user can avoid having to create a new Blueprint or NativeNotify for functionalities that will not be replicated on other blueprints.
Includes basic notifies (play sound, etc).
The plugin comes with their own blueprint compiler that constructs the final state machine, blueprint functions and calls.

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