Lost Forest

Lost Forest is a 2D platform videogame with a fairytale touch.

Lost forest is a 2D platform videogame made on Unreal Engine 4, with intense movements and inmersive story, similar in composition to the old beloved style of other platforms, with focus on camera adjustments, music and illustration to make the perfect mix of videogame with a fairytale.

In this single player adventure you will control The Magician, the main character on a journey through the old forest. Equipped just with movement skills, he will have to learn how to defend himself from the dangerous creatures that live in it.

He will learn new habilities through each level that will help him to uncover the misteries of the forest, because every corner hides a secret and a story waiting to be revealed.

An old forest divides two rival cities. From time to time, people dissapear in the woods and never appear again. No one can explain this events and eventually everyone who dissapear is forgotten. When The Magician gets lost in this place, he discovers a hidden trinket, with power allow him to move around the forest and avoid the dangers with the grace of the great entertainer that he is.

In time, he will discover that he wasn’t the first visitor to get this trinket, and will have to eventually confront each prior owner, whose souls are trapped forever on the forest, guarded by a creature that’s always lurking the shadows, watching all.

-Story-driven adventure
-Movement based habilities (not direct combat , the player will be rewarded by the clever use of his skills)
-Hidden secrets and collectibles
-Evolutive enemies (the confrontation with the enemies will vary and evolve depending on the player skills)

The Magician
The charismatic Magician is a traveller entertainer who is happy with his life. This tea lover with an atractive personality seems to be the most succesful person of all times, but a travel to a city through an old forest will make him see the true face of himself.

The Damned

Dark and dangerous creatures with the only purpose of consuming the souls of all who trsspasses the forest frontier. They evolve and adapt, to always have the upper hand against their preys. Although vicious and dangerous, they emanate a faint glimmer of hope and light.

Trapped Spirits

Pior owners of a magical trinket, now trapped forever in the curse, damned to allways be in a never ending dream of loneliness and regret.

The Unbound Memories

The darkest part of the powerful mind of the trapped spirits take the form of this monsters, distorting the reality of the forest itself. Hard to defeat, this creatures hold the darkest secrets of those who invoked them.

The art is a vital part of the attractiveness of the game. Combining ink strokes with watercolor to mark the style in a place, timeless as the old fairy tales. This puts the adventure of The Magician in a world where everything is possible, where magic creates a place with no sense at all, and all the sense at the same time.

Every level on the game is handmade, with attention to details that will help the player to understand and be part of the lost forest. Our duty is to make a world worth to be re visited in search of collectibles, so level creation is one of the most important parts of the development.

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