Valparaíso, Chile

Lost Forest

The old forest has an ancient story waiting to be revealed. A path rises into the nature, hidden to the eyes of mortals, a test that will need all your craftiness to overcome.

The Lost Forest is a 2D platform videogame, made in Unreal Engine 4, with a stunning handmade art. A game that rewards the curiosity of the player and invite him to inmerse into the story of the forest.

The Magician

The Magician, our protagonist,is a person that appears to be joyful and happy with himself. Meticulous and professional, his magic presentations are the most important aspect in his life, almost completely defining his personality, this reflected in his attire, which is always in line with what is expected of his profession. Will he be ready for the dangerous journey through the forest?

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Reactive Water – Bonus: On to the spring net approach

For more information, read our previous entries here. As we continue developing our level, the need to improve our water shader has been lurking down the corner for a while[…]

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From Doodle to Animation

With the “Magician” already designed, we can go head on into creating the first animations for him. We wanted him to be a character with a lot of personality, so[…]

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Character Design

Hello everyone, my name is @rodia and I am the new artist and animator, and this is my first entry to our Devblog. I hope you enjoy it! Today I’m[…]

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