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Crafting solutions and Creating story driven and Beautiful Videogames

Roll the Dice!

We are videogame developers that seek to create more story and art oriented experiences, as well as innovative solutions to ensure the correct functioning of the artistic features in the engine.


Enter the Lost Forest, a long forgotten and dangerous place where intelligence and understanding are the key to survival.


Making a 2D videogame in Unreal Engine 4 is not an easy task. Take a look into our plug-in!



Some things we learned through the process and we think it may be useful for you. Programming and art tips for developers  

Reactive Water – Bonus: On to the spring net approach

For more information, read our previous entries here. As we continue developing our level, the need to improve our water shader has been lurking down the corner for a while[…]

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From Doodle to Animation

With the “Magician” already designed, we can go head on into creating the first animations for him. We wanted him to be a character with a lot of personality, so[…]

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Character Design

Hello everyone, my name is @rodia and I am the new artist and animator, and this is my first entry to our Devblog. I hope you enjoy it! Today I’m[…]

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Our Team

Ninoska Vasquez

Art Director

I love drawing more than watching repeated movies, and I LOVE watching repeated movies.

Rodrigo Izquierdo


Some people see the glass half full, others see it half empty, I prefer to see it completely full… with coffee.

Carlos Ibañez

Technical Director

I wanted to make a clever pun about programming and coffee, but Rodrigo already beat me to it.

Cristobal Robles


Left Brain Animator / D&D Maniac. I overanalize everything, but that’s the best part.

Diego Villafaña

Animator / Illustrator

Team’s Secretary/Pet. Draw me and I’ll draw you, and I’ll paint you, and I’ll shade you… help.

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Feel free to contact us if you have comments,  feedback or questions, we are happy to receive mails!